NEW BOOK: Community Re-Entry: Uncertain Futures for Women Leaving Prison

By Alison Pedlar, Susan Arai, Felice Yuen, Darla Fortune

In their journeys to prison and community re-entry, women leaving prison tend to share overarching challenges connected to lives of poverty, trauma, and abuse. Community Re-Entry: Uncertain Futures for Women Leaving Prison provides a rare opportunity to hear directly from women who have spent time in a Canadian federal penitentiary.

Based on more than a decade of engagement with women in prison, the authors gathered rich and personal information on women’s lived experiences during incarceration and what they anticipated and hoped for on release. This book relates their narratives and the authors’ critical analysis of their experiences both within and outside prison. By bridging relational and other critical theories (critical feminist, critical race, critical disability, and post-structural understandings) with lived experience, this volume sheds light on the challenges incarcerated women face as they seek to return to the community as valued and contributing citizens.

Community Re- Entry’s unique perspective on women’s postimprisonment policy will appeal to academics, community-based advocates and activists, and undergraduate and postgraduate students studying criminology and social science courses on gender and crime, correctional policy, and qualitative research methods.


 Uncertain Futures for Women Leaving Prison

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Incarceration and Community Re-Entry for Women
Chapter 2: Studying Community Re-Entry for Federally Sentenced Women
Chapter 3: Defining Aspects of Everyday Life: Poverty, Trauma, and Substance-Dependence
Chapter 4: The Downward Spiral of Prison Life
Chapter 5: Finding Identity
Chapter 6: Getting Out and Staying Out


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